About Artvark

Artvark media is a cross-platform film production service company based in beautiful gastown, vancouver, b.C. Artvark media is a proven creative technical service company that matches preeminent artistic and technical film production expertise and skills with cost effective production.

ARTVARK MEDIA has had its hand in every space of traditional media. Whether it is through advancing an early concept, or applying one of our many film production services, Artvark media maximizes its rich resources to bring unique original ideas to life, in a personalized, professional and collaborative environment.

We love our work, we love the people with whom we work. Artvark media is tireless in creating great content at the same time providing film production services that leave a lasting impression.


Who is Artvark Media?

Jeffrey Mueller,Founder & creative Director

Over the past two decades, Jeffrey has been involved with a wide variety of productions, ranging from corporate studios to the national broadcasts of the Winter Olympic Games; through to working with several major television networks and production studios. Jeffrey constantly strives to maintain the excellent reputation he has achieved in the entertainment industry.

Whether it is through advancing an early concept, or applying one of his many skills, he maximizes the use of rich resources to bring cool original ideas to life, in a personalized, professional and collaboration environment.

Selena Lohan, development Producer

Selena started her eclectic career in BC’s Film & Television industry in 1999 starting as an agent’s assistant, and spending 11 years as a professional actress, before attending Vancouver Film School for Writing for Film & Television. The recipient of the 2015 Prairie Dog Screenwriting Award, Selena has a variety of skills in her wheelhouse:

Writing (Features, Teleplays, Stage Plays, Comedy, Digital Content & Story-editing), Acting (On-camera, Live, Voice, Physical Comedy, Stand-up), Industry Support (Talent Agent, Casting, Career Management/Consulting/Coaching), Producer (Mimic Me TV proof of concept, Live Comedy, Sketch Comedy Series, Web-Series/Content, Short Films, Mimic Baby Educational Videos).

Selena grew up in North Vancouver, BC and is the daughter of a Playwright Patrick Lohan, and granddaughter of a cherished British novelist Katharine Lohan indication she just might have ink in her DNA.


artvark media inc.

is committed to excelling in the art of visual storytelling, pushing the boundaries of artistic and technical achievement.

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