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Antiques That Kill | non-scripted tv series

Widely known as one of the worlds foremost collectors and experts on ancient devices of torture and execution, our host has amassed one of the worlds largest collections of such objects.

Now in a warehouse style setting that is part museum and part live action testing ground, Our host will meet people curious about the background and true nature of such bizarre and deadly items they have brought to learn more about.

Our host will meet with these owners and use his knowledge and expertise to determine if these items are authentic and the real history behind these curious and lethal instruments. Along the way our host will debunk many commonly believed myths and folklore associated with the objects in question.

From iconic relics of judicial punishment such as the iron maiden and electric chair to ancient weapons and even sinister potions and poisons, our host will reveal the history of such deadly antiques, explain why and how they where created and consult with various medical experts to reveal the devastating effects they would have had on the human body. Finally in a climactic episode final, he will conduct a dramatic and visual experiment that demonstrates why the relic being profiled justly deserves to be grouped with, “ANTIQUES THAT KILL”.


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There are buyers and sellers for practically everything under the sun. Perhaps no one knows that better than our eccentric relic collector. In the course of his life wheeling and dealing, Our host has found, owned, sold and authenticated some of the most unusual and rare artifacts on the planet. Never one to seek out ordinary or “normal” antiques, our host has made a name for himself and his company Darkeology by ferreting out relics directly linked to human misadventures and mishaps. He has bought and sold pieces of the titanic, wreckage from the Hindenburg, and even artifacts tied to the infamous jack the ripper crimes! Now with his best buddy and research assistant, our host is embarking on an American wide quest to find the most storied and fate filled objects imaginable.

Together they will seek out these incredible artifacts, relive the history surrounding them, and, in many cases meet the people who actually experienced the events themselves. Each 60 minuet episode is an incredible journey filled with mystery and long buried facts, the thrill of discovery and even bitter disappointment as the guys try to track down and purchase tragic piece of Americana. True human journeys that delve into iconic events we all may have heard of but likely now nothing about. Join “DISASTER DEALERS” as they travel America hunting for truly amazing relics. Fascinating and rare objects that tell tales of doomed icons and tragic twists of fate.  

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Come and Get it | Adult Comedy

Come and Get it takes place in the nearly abandoned town of Carcass Falls. Years ago, Carcass Falls produced 95% of the world’s meat, earning it the title 'Slaughterhouse Capital of the World.'  Sadly, just one poor excuse of a slaughterhouse remains today; Uncle Gomer's All You Can Eat Food Factory... part slaughterhouse, part restaurant, complete nightmare for those who dare to dine.

Uncle Gomer operates the filthy restaurant with little or no help from his 900-pound nephew, Fatboy. With their lack of business sense, education, and hygiene, not a day goes by without hilarious challenges and disgustingly funny situations. Fatboy and Gomer somehow muddle through with the help of 2-Ply the personal hygiene monkey, Dixie, the restaurant’s disgruntled waitress and her dysfunctional toddler, Dodi.  

Whether it is Fatboy’s addiction to the cartoon “Fireside Chat” or Uncle Gomer’s on-going battle with the modern world, the trials faced by this mismatched group always will hit your funny bone.

The Curse of Raven | Sci-Fi Thriller

In a remote Indian village in the year 2000BC is where a legendary story began of a man by the name of Raven. 
After Raven was found guilty of wrongfully violating a Chief’s daughter, Raven was sentenced by the Head Chief to be cursed and banished from the village forever, to live out his days on a remote island where Raven swore he would return to get his revenge. 
Many years later a boat full of scientists from the Museum of Anthropology, with some ancestry background, set out to sea on a journey to take a dive in hopes to discover ancient artifacts that surround the legendary story of a man by the name of Raven. 
Little did the scientists know that their findings would release the legendary curse of Raven that would lead them into a whirl-wind of chaos, mayhem and murder. 

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Keener Kapers | childrens series

The Keeners is a show about attitude, an attitude of over the top enthusiasm, of living large. Skip and Buddy, two pre-teen pals from summer camp, commonly know as the "keeners" are living examples of Keenness. along with a crew of bizarre supporting characters, they charge through each new adventure with their own brand of eagerness and screwball humor.

From their opening chord of their signature tune, "I've Got A Head Like A Ping Pong Ball" to their ritual sign off around the campfire, the Keeners lead viewers from one wacky encounter to the next. Along the way they demonstrate how "Keenness" offers a unique response to every possible challenge a pre-adolescent might face from the mundane (coping with boredom while waiting in line) to the ridiculous (lying high over a lake on a giant kite)

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The killing of Juniper Brant | Feature Film

A story written by Doug Greenall about two star attorneys do battle in a media circus trial that captivates the world. Canada, in the year 2467, has granted human rights to anthrosynths, or manufactured people. For the first time in human history, a man is on trial for killing a machine.

The tale of passion in which beautiful and accomplished Juniper Brant and her lover plot to escape her raging husband has the public rapt and the media atwitter. News reporters and legal pundits have dubbed the battle in the courtroom, Lifoon the Typhoon vs. Vlad the Impaler.

The love story between Juniper Brant and her lover, Wylie—the events leading up to her death—are interwoven with the murder trial. Wylie finds Juniper beaten and bruised and struggles to understand why she won't leave her husband. But as they fall in love, her secret unravels.

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Spirit Waters | n0n-scripted TV series

“Spirit Waters” is a unique and totally original series that sees our two co-stars going in search of legends and lore connected with Canadian lakes, rivers, and locations situated on the coasts of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Each episode of the show begins with our hosts researching the history behind an allegedly haunted wreck or location, a famous lake monster, or an unusual happening that is linked to water.

The two co-stars journey to the location of these events. Once onsite, our hosts first seek out and consult with local indigenous elders to learn if there is any past history or lore that could help explain the modern day happenings. While our historian digs into the recorded history, his native co-star conducts interviews in an attempt to reveal indigenous spiritual connections to the region or event being examined.

Unlike most paranormal shows, “Spirit Waters”, does not set out to prove or debunk claims of the strange or the unusual. Instead, our hosts explore captivating events and happenings from history that are linked to the elemental and live-giving property of water. From the lost souls of the Titanic to infamous creatures believed to dwell in the dark recesses of Canadian lakes, our hosts will plumb the depths of legend to confront the truth.