We at ARTVARK MEDIA offer an extensive amount of both in studio and on location services to assist your production, below you will find a list of some of these services. For more information about how we can help your production please contact us to set up a meeting or request a quote. 

In Studio Services we offer

Art Direction

Production Design

Set Design



Concept Design

Layouts, Background Design

Character Design

2D & 3D Animation Production

post production

*For full list of IN STUDIO SERVICES please contact us

BC Film Tax Credit Consultant Services

  •     BC Film Tax Credit application Services.

  •     CAVCO application Services.



Line Producer

Production Manage

Production Coordinate

Script Coordinator

Script Supervisor

Visual fx

On Location Services we offer


Best Boy  

Lamp Op  

visual FX on-set supervision

*For full list of ON LOCATION SERVICES we offer please contact us

Key Grip

Best Boy

Dolly & Camera Crane Op

Key Rigging

Lead Grip


We Serviced some of the Best