It’s with great pleasure that I refer Jeffrey Mueller as a Key Grip, and Animator on any production of any size.

I’ve worked with him now on four projects, and his skill level has exceeded my expectations. He’s hardworking, dedicated, easy to get along with, inventive, and his knowledge of his departments and industry is wonderfully extensive. Jeffrey would be a magnificent addition to any production that has the privilege of working with him.

I wish him nothing, but success.

Best Regards,

PJ Thornton

Producer & Production Manager

Big Soul Productions

Jeffrey Mueller has worked as an I.A.T.S.E. on-call Stage Technician since 2011, and primarily has been with the Sound & Video departments.

Jeffrey has demonstrated a positive work ethic, and professional attitude. He is always on time for the call, ready for work when the call starts, and always brings all the necessary safety equipment and tools.

Jeffrey’s abilities go far beyond dressing himself and telling time. The Sound & Video departments are generally the most technically complex in any production, and Jeffrey demonstrates an understanding and an ability to work with this technology. Whether it be Broadway or Rock & Roll, Jeffrey has proven himself to be a valuable member of our production team.

When I see Jeffrey’s name on a crew list for a show, I know his department head will have at least one thing to be happy about that day.

Thank you.

Adam Qualter

Crew Chief & Head of Props

Center In The Square

I am very pleased to provide a letter of reference of Jeffrey Mueller. He is a veteran member in good standing in the I.A.T.S.E. unions and has worked on a consistent level as a Key Audio-Video and Lighting Stage Technician.

Jeffrey is always punctual, diligent, and knowledgeable in all aspects of stage craft, especially Audio-Visual and Lighting operations.

He is personable, a real asset, and resourceful person to have on a crew.

Best Regards,

Rob “Kato” Sonoda

Director of Operations & Technical Services

Center In The Square

Jeffrey Mueller is great to work with, he always has a clear vision of the entire project, and is attentive to detail.

Being aware of the human aspect of the job as well, makes Jeffrey fun and motivation to create with.

He is a true artist!


Mark Efford, President

Efford Photography Studio Ltd.